Celebration for Orchestra - 2017

‘Celebration’ - Suite in 3 Movements for Orchestra
I - Birthday Treat (2' 3”)
II - Anniversary (4’15”) 
III - Jubilee (5' 15")

Duration: approx. 11 minutes

Scoring: 2+1,2,2,2 : 4,3,3,1 : harp (optional): Strings: Timpani x 2, and 2 percussion: side drum, bass drum,  wood block  x3

Performance Notes

Special Effects: N.B. Movement II (bar 28, figure B) involves ad-libitum effects from players in the orchestra. This could include individuals calling out to one another, and exclaiming: “Happy Birthday”, “Congratulations”, Well-done” etc.
At the same time use of sound effects such as: party poppers, whizz-whistles, and
champagne corks popping can all used to enhance the party effect of the performance.
This is entirely at the discretion of the musical director/ organisers and could suit a wide range of situations. It may be possible, under certain circumstances for example, to include audience participation in the celebrations.

Commission: Written at the request of Nick Hodges and the Todmorden Orchestra who celebrate their one-hundredth anniversary in June 2015. First performance by Todmorden Symphony Orchestra with Nick Concannon-Hodges conducting - Saturday 27 June 2015, Todmorden Town Hall.

Dedication: For Jane, Sarah, and Tom

© Lawrence Killian 2019